A friendly and welcoming club, training together to achieve their goals.
Learning self-defence, gaining confidence and improving fitness

Welcome to Krav Academy where our goal is to teach self defence to everyone, no matter what age or ability. Our classes are aimed at adults and even those with absolutely no experience or fitness level can start!
We aim to give you confidence and the skills both mentally and physically, to defend yourself in the world we live in.

“There’s only one basic principle of self-defence- you must apply the most effective weapon, as soon as possible, to the most vulnerable target”- Bruce Lee

Whatever you are looking to achieve, from increasing your fitness, improving your self confidence, reducing your stress levels or learning practical skills to protect yourself and your loved ones, Krav Academy provides a safe and welcoming environment for you to do so.
As the quote above suggests, there are some simple principles of self defence and we believe that a great way of defending yourself is using a system called Krav Maga, which is effective, proven and also very easy to learn.
Our team are passionate about helping you to conquer your fears and fulfill your goals.
Please get in touch and let us know how we can help you.


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Krav Maga

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