About Krav Academy

Here at Krav Academy we are passionate about Self Defence. We want to pass on our knowledge in order to make you feel confident and give you the tools to defend yourself should you ever need to.
Our instructors have been trained in a defensive system called Krav Maga and both our club and instructors are part of the IKMF (International Krav Maga Federation).

We offer easy to learn techniques and a welcoming environment in which to learn, to help you avoid dangerous situations

Our primary focus at Krav Academy is teaching self defence by using Krav Maga which is considered one of the best defensive tactics system in the world. We encourage our students to train at their own pace and once techniques have been learnt we then allow them to be tested under more realistic conditions. We aim to provide a level of realism to the training but without any danger or risk to the student.
We believe in training our students to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. The classes are rewarding as everyone is there to help and support each other.
This gives our club a unique feel and we look forward to hearing from you.


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Krav Maga

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